about me~

haiii im vio or vee !
19 it/bun/they prns <3
pan mexican enby (0218)
aquarius eng/spa OK!

i really like cix, kirby, sanrio, coding, soobin noises, yeonjuns aotm, photocard collecting, deco, my cats, music, reading, wired headphones, and plushies!

you can fine me here twitter pinterest carrd twt referral code

Vio's Network

Vio's Network

note: also dont dm me on doiibahi for carrd help lolzz :p


before you follow this is my main/priv, req ok when priv, im a self proclaimed cixpopper, i mainly tweet about cixtxt+hiyyih and friends, i solo stan hiyyih, i sometimes tweet in spa, i dont take kpop srsly unless its about my ults, i send dts to shitty ppl <3 like i cannot stress this enough i WILL send a dt irdc... /srs

dont follow if u fit basic dfi criteria, -16 /srs, annoying stay/engene, dream stan, omg, sf9, or woo!ahh supporter and/or defender go KYS btw, u put kpop above ur morals, nsfw kpop stan, ship/sexualize txt in any way GET A JOB, kep1ian / hierang hope all of u guys die.

Vio's Network

My Tunes

my ults are bx <333 yeonjun + soobin, bahiyyih, and yoongi!

my semis are cix yonghee twice dahyun momo lssrfm chaewon

im also interested in xdh junhan gaon itzy chaeryeong chuu stayc sieun yoon ive wonyo rei justb doyum billlie tsuki haruna p1h jiung dreamnote miso tempest hwarang class:y chaewon tbz sunwoo

my groups are nct dream weki meki fromis_9 purple kiss aespa izone ateez red velvet

note: sometimes i tweet about the ppl i really like in spanish ^^